"i am madly in love with moon and i
wanna go inside her structure and
make out sloppy style with h-wait fuck who said tjat"


"hmmm i dont have much to say. because i am a rainworlt noob. BUT. but. i drew a gourm. ily gourm."


"i love rain world i love watching the funny slugs do a flip"


"Rainworld is poison to the game critic and reviewer, and a wonderful treat to the gamer. It is one of the most unique games I have ever played, with its minimalistic artstyle and creature movement, and lore that is only revealed to those who scrape and dig into the earth to look for it (or just youtube it). The gameplay is cruel, unforgiving, and you must seek help from the community if you wish to learn advanced movement, or figure it out on your lonesome. The game has a vibrant community that loves to mod this game to hell and back, to make it more of a unique experience that keeps you feeling small in a world not meant for you."


"Rain World is probably my favorite game of all time. I love everything about it. Looks to the Moon is my favorite character. She is so cute and I wish she was real X)"


"Rain World is a cool game and all, but my favorite aspect of it by far is the hidden slugcat, Enot, or whatever you want to call them. The concept of a secret meme character being hidden by a convoluted and esoteric puzzle is very appealing to me; I own its plush and value it more than my own life."


"The art in that game still baffles me with how pretty it is... together with its lore that leaves you feeling both broken and full of hope at the same time. Made me cry, made me shout, made me exclaim in joy. Still saving up for Downpour, and dreaming of taming a yellow lizard someday. Also on my way to beating Hunter :']"


"Though I am a noob, this game is just amazing, every part of it from the design to the lore to the music is truly breathtaking, and it is an absolute treat to find new things every time I pick it up. Now if you'll excuse me, I cheesed myself into Farm Arrays as Survivor way too early in my playthrough and I am having an extremely hard time getting out."